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Our emphasis is on working on the personal satisfaction of seniors. From our Care Concierge way to deal with our exhaustive projects and our restoration hardware, Allium Care Studio expects to give care that is receptive to explicit requirements and inclinations.

We guarantee a low client to staff proportion which is critical to our high touch administration, taking into account individualized care plans for every single senior.

The combination of our day care and private consideration, along with home consideration administrations, fill in as a matured consideration center point for the encompassing local area and conveys a thorough arrangement inside one office.

We convey quick admittance to expert matured care with more limited hanging tight time for evaluation and resulting arrangements.

A cooperative cycle

Whenever we get new clients, we give a lot of time investigating the complexities that make up their wellbeing status; their practical and mental exhibition, clinical history and character.

The consideration evaluation is driven by our interprofessional Care Team (IPCT) of experienced physiotherapist, word related advisor and local area nurture who include your relatives and essential guardian. Together, we talk about care objectives and assumptions, and comprehend explicit requirements and individual inclinations to convey an extensive consideration plan.

A way of thinking of care

Our projects are based on the way of thinking of Function Focused Care (FFC) and upheld by our interprofessional Care Team at each period of your turn of events.

The FFC reasoning includes coordinated and committed intercessions connected with physical, psychosocial and mental capacities. Useful utilization of the psyche and body is essential to the personal satisfaction and clinical results for the old.

We center around improving utilitarian capacities by empowering you to perform and take part in essential routine exercises connected with dressing, eating, individual cleanliness, versatility, and motion.

We want to help you achieve and keep up with your most noteworthy potential degrees of autonomy, improvement and prosperity. Also, key to our far-reaching approach, is customary survey of the consideration plan with updates to relatives.