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Wheelchair Prescription & Training From Price: SGD 216.00
A wheelchair prescription is used to determine the type of wheelchair required, seating needs and details about components of the wheelchair, according to an individual’s particular needs.

The selection of a wheelchair, its fit and components can vary according to the following factors:
• The user’s disability, medical and management issues, including his level of independence and need for pressure relief.
• The user’s size, weight and posture.
• The user’s functional ability including his sitting balance, ability to transfer himself and upper extremity strength and dexterity.
• The user’s and his family’s goal for using the wheelchair, whether around the house, at school/work or for sports.

Our experienced and qualified occupational therapist will conduct an assessment outlining the targeted outcomes of prescribing a wheelchair. He will then provide appropriate training for the user to successfully operate the wheelchair.

We recognise that the professionalism and expertise of our therapists are of utmost importance to you. All One Care Zone therapists are qualified in Singapore*. They have a combined 55 years of professional experience and are carefully selected for their compassion and commitment to their profession. We uphold our high standards with strict quality policies and regular quality phone calls to customers or nominated contact persons.

*Nanyang Polytechnic

Total Duration: 2 hrs (2 Sessions x 1 hr)

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