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Physiotherapy for Parkinson’s Disease From Price: SGD 432.00
Persons with Parkinson’s can suffer from stiffness, tremors, loss in range of joint movements, decreased muscle strength and reduced mobility. These problems can lead to musculoskeletal changes that contribute to poor posture, joint pain and reduced cardiovascular fitness. Physiotherapy can help reduce stiffness, improve posture and balance, improve muscle strength, increase and maintain mobility, and reduce the risk of falls.

Our experienced and qualified physiotherapist will devise a personalized treatment programme consisting of an initial assessment, setting of treatment goals, and a structured exercise programme to achieve those goals.

Physiotherapy for Parkinson’s Disease will focus on:
• Exercising to help maintain muscle strength for as long as possible.
• Muscle stretching to lengthen tight muscles, increase range of movement and prevent joint and muscle stiffness.
• Exercising to maintain a good posture and make movements smooth and efficient.
• Balance training to increase confidence and prevent the risk of falling.
• Activities to improve posture and comfort in lying, sitting and standing.
• Reducing pain.
• Cueing and movement strategies to reduce the effects of freezing.
• Teaching transfer techniques such as getting in and out of a wheelchair, bed, and onto and off a toilet seat.
• Advice on walking aids.

Choose from our Full Treatment Package for optimal results or try our Stage 1 Program to feel the difference before deciding whether to continue.

We recognise that the professionalism and expertise of our therapists are of utmost importance to you. All One Care Zone therapists are qualified in Singapore*. They have a combined 55 years of professional experience and are carefully selected for their compassion and commitment to their profession. We uphold our high standards with strict quality policies and regular quality phone calls to customers or nominated contact persons.

*Nanyang Polytechnic

Available programs
Stage 1 Program: 4 Sessions x 1 hr Price: SGD 432.00
Stage 2 Program: 4 Sessions x 1 hr Price: SGD 432.00
(For customers who have completed Stage 1 program and will like to continue with Stage 2)
Full Treatment Program: 8 Sessions x 1 hr Price: SGD 864.00

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