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Supplemental Nutrition Package From Price: SGD 180.00
Understanding what your body needs can be vital to managing acute or chronic diseases or conditions.

Older adults who are at risk include those who are:
• Recovering from surgery
• Undergoing chemotherapy
• Hospitalized for acute or chronic diseases or conditions
• Living with kidney disease or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• Suffering from skin tears and wounds
• Experiencing involuntary weight loss
• Bed bound

In our Supplemental Nutrition Package, our nutritionist will use the current diet pattern, anthropometric data, lab test result and initial screening of the adult to customize a nutritional treatment plan.

The nutritional treatment plan will advise on:
• An appropriate supplemental milk for nutritional treatment
• A prescribed diet plan

Our One Care Zone nutritionist is accredited by the Singapore Nutrition and Dietetics Association and is experienced in geriatric nutritional meal planning and development. We uphold our high standards with strict quality policies and regular quality phone calls to customers or nominated contact persons.

Total Duration: 1 hr 30 mins (1st consultation of 1hr and 2nd consultation of 30 min)
1 Before 1st Consultation,
Our nutritionist will call to obtain information on your diet pattern, medical diagnosis report, height and weight, and lab test results (if any) for her analysis.
2 At 1st Consultation,
Our nutritionist will conduct an initial screening. She will then provide an assessment report and design a nutritional treatment plan specifically catering to your needs. Our nutritionist will arrange a 2nd Consultation session with you.
3 At 2nd Consultation,
Our nutritionist will conduct a follow up review. Depending on her review results, she will advise to continue with the devised nutritional plan or she may adjust the nutritional plan accordingly.

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