Home Nursing & Home Help

Half Day Home Help From Price: SGD 100.00
Most people want to stay in their own homes and remain independent and connected to their communities. One Care Zone’s Home Help service provides supportive care within the home environment, making daily life just that much easier.

Our half day home help service provides supportive care for any 4 hours period between 8am and 6pm. It is ideal when caregivers have other commitments or require assistance for a specific period of time, or when escort is required for medical appointments.

Our Healthcare Providers can assist in activities of daily living such as:
- Support, companionship and assistance
- Basic hygiene including oral hygiene, bathing / bed bathing and hair washing
- Feeding and blending of food (if required)
- Lifting, transfer and positioning
- Assist in the use of mobility devices and ambulation
- Simple wound dressing
- Care of urinary catheter and drainage system
- Insertion of rectal suppositories, giving simple enemas
- Change of colostomy bags
- Escort to medical appointments

Please note: (1) our Healthcare Providers is permitted a 15 minutes break during the service provision (2) while our Healthcare Providers may do some light housekeeping chore for the care recipient such as making meals and tidying up after an activity, these chores do not extend to everyone in the household, just the care recipient.

We recognize that the quality, skills and experience of our Healthcare Providers are of utmost importance to you. All One Care Zone Healthcare Providers have undergone our in-house training and have passed the evaluation tests. In addition, they have 24-hour access to our nursing team. We uphold our high standards with strict quality policies and regular quality phone calls to customers or nominated contact persons.

Total Duration: 4 hrs (1 session x 4 hrs)

Note: Consumables needed for the services are to be provided by the customer.

For more information, please fill up the form and call us at 6777 9988.